Summer Hours
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7800 Cantrell Rd Little Rock, AR 72227 

Cooler weather is just around the corner and Cantrell Gardens is your one-stop shop for fall planting and decorating needs.

We are loaded with pumpkins of every variety - 
prizewinners, knuckleheads, pies, cinderellas, fairy tales, lunch ladies, peanuts, snowballs, as well as the best ever jack-o-lantern pumpkins.

Cornstalk bundles and straw bales are available, as well as lots of gourds and mini pumpkins.

Its time to plant fall annuals and we have pansies in all colors, as well as marigolds, dianthus, ornamental cabbage and kale. And, of course, we have mums in all colors and sizes.

We will make a custom arrangement just for you or our expert staff will help you put your own together. We are here to answer all your gardening questions.